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Hello earthlings :)

Seriously, saya tak tahu nak mula macam mane untuk entri kali nie. Perasaan pun rasa dah macam semuanya bercampur-baur. Saya sendiri pun tak boleh nak tafsir apa yang saya rasa sekarang. Marah, sedih, nak nangis, kecewa, terluka semua cukup lengkap lahh. GERAMJI.

Ohhh wait, what is GERAMJI ? It is the brother of gergaji or what ? Ehh, no. Only person who ever joined PLKN will know that word. Geramji means seingat saya lahh, perasaan-II yang negatif. Bila kita kumpul semua perasaan tue macam marah, sedih akan lahirlah sebuah perkataan GERAMJI. If I'm not mistaken lahh, huhu.

Haihh. Tak tahu lah nak explain macam mane. This is probably the best way to make everything so much better than before. Perhaps. I'm not running away, I'm just walking away slowly. I just want to see, will you care and stop me from doing that thing ? Will you ?

" With every moment we share, every smile, every touch, I become more certain that in you, I've found something I've looked for a very long time. I don't know what the future holds but I do know how much your love excites me and how happy I feel when I'm with you. And from this day forward, that's more than enough. "

P/s : I love you, kbaiii